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How did food and wellness

become my life’s passion?


I have always loved teaching and all my past careers were in education. However, my life changed the day I received a terrifying call that our 21 month old daughter had suffered a serious eye injury while in someone else’s care. The years that followed were filled with gut wrenching surgeries, endless doctor appointments, hours of frustrating therapy and incredible grief and sadness for what was lost. As well, our daughter was developing serious side effects from the medication she needed to avoid infection and control inflammation. I was desperate to find solutions to improve the healing process, reduce any negative side effects and prevent future ones from developing.


In 2016, I began to study with the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and became a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert & Instructor. The knowledge I acquired and applied in my family’s life was nothing short of amazing.  We changed our diets by learning to cook with healing whole foods and significantly reduced the foods that caused inflammation.  The changes were astonishing!  Many of our daughter’s side effects began to  improve significantly or disappear altogether.  Her vision also continued to improve against all odds.  With time, I began to heal emotionally and physically from the years of chronic stress and regained my energy.  The list goes on! Once you experience for yourself the healing power of food and how great you can feel, sustaining these lifestyle changes becomes a pleasant habit and not a chore.


Whether you or a loved one are living with an illness or just looking to create new healthy habits in your life, it all begins with understanding why it’s important to eat well and how to make it easier to eat right.  I want to help families simplify the overwhelming world of food and wellness and feel inspired to start making small changes in their eating habits and lifestyles for sustained energy and optimal health.








Natalie’s passion for health and wellness have made her so knowledgeable about how to eat well, cook with natural ingredients and show you how to do it without being overwhelming! I’ve learned so much from her! She truly is inspiring!


-Kim Cosic

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